Why should I plan my funeral?

Posted on March 8, 2016 by Chris May under Uncategorized
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The topic of death is not a very popular one in America. unfortunately, we tend to go through life with a sense of immortality. However, the fact is we are all going to die. When you leave home to go on a long trip, you plan on refueling your vehicle because you know it is going to run out of gas. If you don’t plan on refueling, your trip is going to be filled with unnecessary problems. The same is true with death. Not planning leaves your loved ones with unnecessary tasks. By planning your funeral, you can make certain that your wishes are known. This can save your loved ones money and added grief. You can also go as far as paying for your funeral in advanced and locking in the price! Its quick and simple. Call today and prepare for the one thing that is a certainty.

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